Pokemon Uranium.

It’s worth noting that Pokemon uranium is a fan game that spent 9 YEARS in development. Despite all of the hardwork put in it was taken down after a couple of weeks due to copyright infringement. Even so it got 1.5 million downloads and the creators are still going to update the game.

The game is set in a new region called “Tandor” and features 150 new fan-made Pokemon. It also adds a new type of Pokemon- “nuclear”. Cool right? Oh and guess what? Cell phones are back!

You start off with the typical introduction to the world of Pokemon from the typical tree named Pokemon professor- professor Bam’bo- Everything is the same apart from a couple of minor tweaks. You get a third choice for your avatar for if you aren’t a boy or a girl. Unfortunately however you don’t get to name your rival “buttlord” instead you get some kid called “Theo”. You do get a little bit of backstory to your family. Your dad is a Pokemon ranger while your mum went missing 10 years before during a meltdown at the nuclear reactor and I guess is presumed dead, they kinda gloss over that point. So you live with your grandma/aunt/weird elderly lady that looks similar to the grandmother from windwaker. You go downstairs, get some running shoes and then activate auto run in the pause menu. Run up to the professors lab. Once you get inside the lab another little change appears. You have to take a quiz to get your Pokemon and the game chooses for you, answer multiple choice questions with three answers each. Bam! You get a Pokemon and battle your rival who has a type disadvantage. Beat Theo and he runs off crying prompting you to find him and take him to the professor to learn how to catch Pokemon. Battle 8 gyms, beat the elite 4. Games over, unless you haven’t caught them all, in which case why are you reading this you need to catch ’em all.

On the whole it’s just another Pokemon game. But I still think it’s worthy of recognition as it was a free fan game that spent 9 years in development. I give it 7 free-fan-games-taken-down-due-to-copyright-infringement out of 10. Most changes were good additions but I still want to name my rival “buttlord” or “turdhead”.


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