About Me

My name is Rogueleeder, I’m a university student in my early twenties who has two main passions in life, video gaming and writing. I’ve been gaming ever since my father first handed me my first handheld console, the original gameboy. That’s what I owe my hobby to, playing Super Mario and Tetris and asking myself if this was possible, what could the future of gaming involve?

As I grew up I had many gaming devices ranging from my Playstation One with the joys of Crash Bandicoot, to my modern today gaming PC which is where I tend to house all my games. I finished my secondary education and started my undergraduate degree in International Relations knowing that I wanted to enter the field of Journalism. Each journalist has a passion I think otherwise why would they report on the stories they cover? Mine just happens to be my hobby, technology and everything gaming and it is this passion that I want to share with the world through this site.

On your visits to this site you will find reviews of various games that I have played or am currently playing. Some will be fresh off the production line, others will be from years gone by and will simply games that I recommend people go and play. As of right now I will be reviewing Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC titles with the hope of providing readers an idea of what games should be on their must get list, and some that may good to revisit and relive.

I am under no paid contract or agreement so all reviews and opinions are my own honest thoughts. However I do enjoy hearing the views of others so feel free to contact me and share your ideas, whether you agree or disagree.


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