Announcing Streaming Nights 

To complement the reviews posted on this website I would like to announce the launch of my live streaming channel over on On this channel you will Find me playing a variety of games each Friday or Saturday night around 0000 UTC. It gives readers an opportunity to get to know the person behind the keyboard and interact with me. I will usually announce streams over Twitter and my personal Facebook page ahead of time so do be sure to look out sor them. I look forward to seeing you there! Advertisements Continue reading Announcing Streaming Nights 

Pokemon Uranium.

It’s worth noting that Pokemon uranium is a fan game that spent 9 YEARS in development. Despite all of the hardwork put in it was taken down after a couple of weeks due to copyright infringement. Even so it got 1.5 million downloads and the creators are still going to update the game. The game is set in a new region called “Tandor” and features 150 new fan-made Pokemon. It also adds a new type of Pokemon- “nuclear”. Cool right? Oh and guess what? Cell phones are back! You start off with the typical introduction to the world of Pokemon … Continue reading Pokemon Uranium.